Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure which is done to make your lips fuller and plumper. Nowadays, injectable dermal filler is one of the most commonly used methods of lip augmentation. There are a number of dermal fillers that can be injected in the lips and around the mouth. But the commonest fillers today are the products containing substances similar to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance which is found in the body. It helps significantly to increase volume in the lips.

Hyaluronic acid fillers improve the appearance of the lips by adding shape, structure and volume. The effects usually last around six months. After that more injections are required to keep the volume of the lips. Vimhans PrimaMed Institute of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is a state-of-the-art center where a number of surgeries are performed each year. Our world class cosmetic surgeons, studied in top most institution across the globe, provide you exceptional cosmetic solutions.

Ideal Candidates

You are not the ideal candidate for the lip augmentation surgery, if you have:

Diseases such as diabetes or lupus
Current cold sores
Any scarring of the lips
Blood clotting problems

Alike other cosmetic surgeries, lip augmentation also requires a lot of responsibility. You should be positive and optimistic towards the outcomes of the surgery. You better consult your doctor about the risks-related to lip augmentation.


Lip augmentation is done to improve lips appearance by making slight alterations in structure, shape and volume. The procedure can be done with injectable fillers, implants, and surgical advancements. The surgeon will likely use topical anesthesia for injections. These are performed commonly on an outpatient basis in the surgeon’s office or outpatient center and you can go home the same day.

Just before lip implants or lip augmentation surgery, you will be given local anesthesia. A procedure may take up to two hours depending on the complexity, however, you will be sent home the very day.