The knee in a human body has the responsibility of supporting the weight of the body and that makes it prone to stress and strain. The main aim of knee replacement surgery is to reduce the pain associated with degenerated knee joint and to increase the mobility of know for normal activity. People around the globe are affected by knee problems. This problem is most commonly found among people over 50 years of age and those who are overweight.

Indications of Knee Replacement Surgery

Apart from just overweight, health issues such as arthritis, bursitis, tears in the ligament, osteoarthritis of joints, or infections can be responsible for causing knee problems. Symptoms of knee damage that may require knee replacement surgery include:

Prolonged knee pain that keeps us from walking and climbing stairs
Pain that interferes with sleep and doesn’t subside with rest
Knee swelling that doesn’t respond to treatment and that limits knee from bending or straightening
Inability to cope with the side-effects of pain relief medication

Procedure of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure involving removal of the kneecap and damaged cartilage and tissue from knee joint, femur (the ends of the thighbone), and the shinbone (tibia). Thereafter, damaged tissue is replaced with an artificial knee or prosthesis. The prosthesis (artificial knee) restores the function of the knee.

Knee surgery commonly refers to the total knee replacement, also called knee arthroplasty. Cutting-edge techniques and special implants ensure the natural movements.

Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery

The patients have commonly encountered various benefits from it. The benefits are:

Relief from knee pain
Increased & painless mobility and stability
Improved quality of life

Why Us?

We utilise the latest technique like Computer Navigation or Computer assisted surgery which helps in achieving better alignment of prosthesis leading to function and survivability.

Also at Vimhans Primamed, we take great care relieving patients from the post operative pain. We employ latest medical and technologically advance techniques like Epidural analgesics, local infiltration of pain management medicines at the time of surgery and local nerve blocks ensuring a pain free recovery.

Vimhans PrimaMed has paved the way for developing innovative techniques for MIS (minimally invasive surgery). We at Vimhans PrimaMed perform invasive surgery with a five-inch incision, unlike traditional knee replacement surgery which requires an incision of 10 inches. We do it with the help of our well-trained and highly experienced orthopaedic surgeons. Our qualified surgeons understand the problem well and share their valuable experience with MI knee replacement surgery, and the potential risks and benefits of this technique for individual treatments.

Minimally invasive surgery enables surgeons to insert time-tested reliable knee replacements through a shorter incision by utilizing the surgical approach which avoids trauma to the quadriceps muscle- the most important muscle group around the knee. However, it is easy and essential to know that minimally invasive surgery might not be suitable for all kinds of patients.