Vimhans PrimaMed Institute of Radio Diagnostics & Imaging is a central and indispensible tool in a center with integral vocation as is the Vimhans PrimaMed Hospital; since all the diseases we treat need at some point an image of the patient’s body in order to diagnose and to observe the progress of treatment and possible improvements as they occur.

Our specialized imaging area works in contact with other services provided by Vimhans PrimaMed for all doctors. We offer most sophisticated images of the human body through the advanced and effective techniques.

Our quality and technological sophistication in the field always affect the best treatment for the patients. The institute deals with the diagnosis of diseases, using fundamental support images and functional data obtained by ionizing or non-ionizing radiation, and other sources of energy. Our leading radiologists with extensive experience and expertise in different diagnostic disciplines enjoy phenomenal professional prestige and diagnostic judgment among other physicians in the country. Being equipped with advanced equipments and technologies, we are abreast of new trends and developments in diagnostic radiology.

We provides following services, including:

CT Scan
Digital X-ray