Vimhans PrimaMed Institute of Non Invasive & Invasive Cardiology provides a complete range of diagnostic cardiology procedures with interpretations offered by our staff of board certificate cardiologists. Testing is done by an expert and qualified team of registered nurses and cardiac sonographers supervised by our staff of certified nurse practitioners.

We are committed to continued advancement in non-invasive cardiovascular imaging and it’s a primary focus of research and training. Our expert non-invasive cardiologists are involved in the clinical research and training of echocardiography sonographers, pediatric & adult cardiology fellows, and cardiologists.

The Institute of Non Invasive & Invasive Cardiology’s top class cardiologists and cardiac surgeons offer comprehensive care of the highest quality through ensuring that the patients receive the advanced treatments. Some of our treatments and procedures are:

Electrocardiogram: This is a procedure in which the electric activity generated by the heart, at rest and with activity, is evaluated through an electrocardiographic (EKG) machine.

Angiography: This stands for revealing the internal structures of the heart through a 64- slice computed tomography (CT) scan.

Venous Duplex: This test is commonly administered for evaluating veins that carry blood to the heart from the arms and legs.

Our Non-Invasive Cardiology team utilizes the most sophisticated equipment available in the market. The non-invasive technique provides quick, accurate visualization and analysis of the heart and its surrounding structures so that their function could be measured.

Most importantly, our non-invasive Cardiologists are specialized in diagnostic imaging and clinical technology. For us, careful attention to minimize inappropriate use of radiation is critical to our patients’ long term heath and quality of life. The aforementioned technologies are used by our highly trained experts who keep them updated with current knowledge, in order to ensure complete and meaningful results.

The Institute offers patients increased access to world class cardiac care and ii adept to provide services during cardiac emergency. There is a long list of patients who have written some words of appreciation for our procedures, services and staff.