Vimhans PrimaMed Institute of Lab Medicines is responsible for quantitative and qualitative analysis and interpretation of patients specimens, including blood, tissue, urine, and other body fluids. Thousands of clinical laboratory tests are performed in our laboratories each year. The institute has been at the forefront of introducing advanced testing methods for clinical and research uses at Vimhans PrimaMed. In order to provide an ever-expending menu of tests available for clinical use, the Institute of Lab Medicines provides the facilities and expertise to support translational research projects.

Sophisticated educational activities are a key component of the institutions’ mission. The residency training program in the institute provides exposure to a wide range of methodologies and interpretive issues that span the disciplines, extended by didactic sessions. The institute is equipped with latest pathological tools and equipments that help our pathology team to produce more accurate results.

We at Vimhans PrimaMed Institute of Lab Medicines offer a number of medicine services, including:

Clinical Chemistry
Clinical Microbiology
Clinical Pharmacology
Clinical Physiology
Clinical Research Center
Clinical Immunology & Transfusion Medicine
Therapeutic Immunology (TIM)