There are two common scenarios for the revision spine surgery. Sometimes a patient has spine surgery that results into an even more painful condition than the surgery was meant to treat. Secondly, the patient has had a successful surgery and now months or years later the pain is coming back.

Although, back surgery has phenomenal success rate reaches around 95%, but this is also applied to a few thousand new patients every year. Some patients continue to present chronic pain even after the surgery. This often occurs in case a surgeon incorrectly identified the target tissue, or had to operate based on a less precise diagnostic.

Some other factors include: -

Developing a scar tissue around the incision
Use of surgery when not needed
Poor surgeon technique
Lower patient surgery fitness
Procedure complications
Incorrect or poor diagnosis

Vimhans PrimaMed is the pioneer multispeciality hospital in India, which has been catering to a number of treatment and surgeries with proper care. We have expedited numerous of medical treatments of the international medical tourists in last few years. Our experienced surgeons and physicians are the best in the world and committed to provide you high quality complex revision spine surgeries. That is the reason we see countless international patients from all over the world flocking for revision spine surgeries and other medical treatments.

Do you need revision surgery?

The important thing to remember is that the purpose of any spine surgery is to improve chances for a pain-free and productive life. Our top notch surgeons are up for the special challenges by revision surgery.

Bulging Disc- It is quite common and usually remains undetected till the disc bulge comes in contact with adjacent nerves culminating in pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease- it’s not actually a disease, but a chain of events that generally occur with aging process. Degenerative disc disease cannot be avoided, but its progress may be slowed down.

Disk Tear- When the outer shell of disc begins to dry up or toughen, a painful tear or crack may occur. You are required to learn about a disc team and the ways of recovering from it.

Failed Back and Neck Surgery- Improper diagnosis, inexperienced surgeons, or improper healing may be responsible for lackluster results of back and neck surgery.

Facet Joint Syndrome- It commonly refers to the degeneration of the arthritic changes that happen in your facet joints. Age and routine wear and tear are commonly responsible for this.

Foraminal Stenosis- it describes the narrowing of the foramen. With the narrowing of the foramen, existing nerves turns out to be compressed causing pain and other symptoms.

What to expect?

Complex revision surgery covers wide range of procedures. It’s a fairly complicated procedure that needs at least a short hospital stay and a recovery period of six to eight weeks. Vimhans PrimaMed physicians will advise you how to prepare and what to expect.