While we live our life in our normal way, there are certain things that disturb this normal flow. It may come in any form, be it financial or medical. If the problem is financial, then it can get back to normal, but any medical problem can lead to distress as well as negatively affecting our health. Therefore, proper care should be taken of our health because as the old saying goes, “health is wealth” and in fact, the biggest wealth of them all. We might take precautions so that nothing bad can touch us, but no matter how safe we become, there are some conditions that may hit our body and make us uncomfortable. Lesions are one of them. A lesion is an unusual change in any tissue of our body which is generally caused due to any disease or trauma. To get rid of this condition, there are different techniques but one of the most effective is Bronchoscopic cryotherapy. At Vimhans Primamed super speciality hospital, you will get the best treatment for this problem.

Bronchoscopy is defined as the procedure where bronchoscope is used which is an instrument and used to view interiors of our body. This instrument is inserted through nose or mouth. As the bronschoscope moves through our body, the recording is viewed with the help of video equipment by the doctor. Cryotherapy, in general, is the use of cold treatment to treat lesions and variety of malignant as well as benign tissues. The main thing is to keep low temperature so that the damaged tissue can freeze and destroyed from the body. Use of cryotherapy during bronchoscopy is gaining a lot of grounds and is growing as an able diagnostic tool. The death of tissues is done with the help of rigid or flexible bronchoscope.

1. Flexible bronchoscopy – local anesthesia is provided in this procedure. It is performed with the help of white light. The equipment that is used in this process is flexible and can reach as deep as the third bronchi.

2. Rigid bronchoscopy – this process is also performed with the help of white light, but instead of local anesthesia, general anesthesia is given. The equipment that is used is large and more rigid and can only get through proximal airways. Rigid bronchoscopy is used where flexible cannot be performed.

When we compare each other, flexible bronchoscopy is more preferred to rigid one in both therapeutic as well as diagnostic procedures because it can reach a lot of areas.

The equipment that is used in this procedure requires a cryoprobe, bronchoscope and a cooling agent. A cryoprobe is used when there is an adhesive procedure. If there is need of biopsy, then cryoforceps can be used. A cryoprobe or a cryoforcep is used in freezing of the target tissue. The cooling agent store container and the console is connected with the help of a transfer line. The main role of the console is to control the flow of cooling agent through the transfer line.