Spine is very important structure in the body. It provides support to our body as well as allows mobility to the back in different directions. Moreover, it houses the most important connection between the body and brain- spinal cord. When the disc wears out, spine at that very level doesn’t function normally and the back becomes painful. The degeneration of disc leads to degenerative disc disease. Whereas the most of such patients can be treated with painkillers, physical therapy, and braces, only few such patients don’t respond to non-operative treatment and for them need a Disc Replacement.

Patients for Disc Replacement Surgery

The best candidate for Disc replacement would be the patient who has failed prolonged nonsurgical procedure and who has moderate or severe degenerate disc problem. The ideal candidate for this procedure needs to be fit into the following criteria:

Shouldn’t be over 60 years of age
Shouldn’t have osteoporosis and degeneration on multiple levels of the spine
Shouldn’t be overweight
Should be healthy
Shouldn’t have any previous surgeries such as spinal fusion
Best if you don’t have any previous facet joint issue
You shouldn’t have scoliosis or any other spinal deformity
Shouldn’t have spinal arthritis
Never had any sort of spinal infection

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What is Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery?

Artificial disc replacement surgery most commonly involves replacing a painful disc in the spine with a one. Artificial disc replacement surgery is done on the neck (cervical spine) or on the lower back (the lumbar spine). Artificial discs are commonly designed so as to mimic the form and function of a natural disc in the spine. Natural cervical disc is a brilliant piece of mechanical structure from the engineering perspective. It has an inbuilt capacity to absorb large compressive loads while providing an amazing range of motion between bones which are located in the neck region. Trying to copy this natural disc in form and function with a synthetic, artificial disc is indeed a challenging task. However, many artificial cervical discs have already been designed and are available as a surgical option for the patients suffering from symptomatic cervical disc disorders.

Benefits of ADR

Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR surgery) procedure is known also as Total Disc Replacement (TDR) Surgery or Total Disc Arthroplasty. This surgical intervention is typically performed for patients affected with cervical disc herniation responsible for causing significant pain in the neck, or arm pain which has not responded to the nonsurgical treatments. Moreover, this significantly improves the quality of life of the patient and his/her ability to function.