Our experienced orthopedic surgeons at Vimhans PrimaMed Hospitals can diagnose and treat many types of joint problems using minimally invasive techniques. Arthroscopy is the latest surgical procedure in which a joint is viewed using a small camera. Arthroscopy provides a clear view of the inside of the joint, helping the surgeons to diagnose and treat joint problems through latest technical advances.

Arthroscopy is performed through small incisions. During the procedure, the orthopaedic surgeon inserts the arthroscope into your joint. The arthroscope thereafter sends the image to a television monitor. On the monitor, the surgeon can see the structures of the joint in great detail. Arthroscopy can be used to feel, repair or remove damaged tissue. To do this, latest technology small surgical instruments are inserted through other incisions around the joint. Vimhans PrimaMed Hospitals perform a number of arthroscopies per year and ensure the patients quick recovery, small incision, less blood loss, and a shorter hospital stay.


Surgeons use arthroscopy to diagnose and treat a variety of joint conditions. Most commonly for those affecting the:


Common Conditions treated with arthroscopy include:

Bone spurs
Inflamed joint linings
Joint infections

Damaged or torn cartilage

Torn ligaments and tendons
Tissue overgrowth or scarring within joints

Causes and symptoms

Meniscus is a very essential part of the Knee Joint. It commonly acts as a shock absorber for the knee. Meniscal tears are the commonest and often missed diagnoses for knee pains following a fall. The common causes of meniscus tears are sports injuries, fall, squatting and sudden twisting. Old degenerative knees may tear even by a simple movement. The major symptoms may be a pop like sound followed by:

Stiffness and swelling
Catching or locking of your knee
When you are not able to move or bend knee through its full range motion
The sensation of your knee “giving away”


Small tears in the inside of the meniscus at the white zones are trimmed and the larger tears in the red zone and the white red zone are repaired through Arthroscopic Meniscal repair anchors. We prefer rest for few weeks and thereafter the patient can bend his/her knees.