We at Vimhans PrimaMed have comprehensive services to follow up the advanced heart checks with advice and guidance to lead a healthy and diseases free life. Tracking your heart condition and regular communication with you is an integral feature of your Advanced Heart Checks. Our services include:

(Recommended for individuals who require comprehensive evaluation of the cardiovascular system)
All tests and consults as in PrimaMed advance screening health check plus
Cardiac Stress Analysis (TMT)
Echo cadiogra
Pulmonary function test (Spirometry)
Additional Cardiac Risk Markers (S. Homocysteine, Apolopopratein (A1 & B1), Lipoprotein(a), S. Fibrinogen, HsCRP)
S. Electrolytes
HBA1c for Diabetic and Non Diabetics
Cardiac Consult
Diet & Lifestyle Counselling