Total hip replacement involves removal of the femoral head which is replaced with a chromium-cobalt alloy metal ball that is attached to a metal stem of titanium or chromium cobalt metal alloy. We have the Best Hip Replacement Surgeon In Delhi at our hospital.

 At Vimhans hospital one of the Best Hospital In India, we provide different methods to fasten the components implant to the bone during the hip replacement procedure. In case of a cemented Total hip replacement procedure the prosthesis is held in place by bone cement whereas in case of a non-cemented Total Hip replacement the fixation occurs as the bone grows on and into the implant surface.

 Hip replacement is the best option for individual who have been suffering from a long time and have not recovered from severe pain.  One week before the surgery the doctor tells to stop all the nutritional supplements. Prior to surgery, there is a low fibre / low residue diet which is prescribed. We suggest the patient to not have any solid food at the night. The patient needs to take clear fluids only up to three hours before surgery. On arriving to the hospital you are not supposed to take any food or drink.

Balanced, nutritious meals with adequate calories are suggested to each patient during their stay. The protein enables the body to replenish proteins depleted by surgery, and to reduce the risk of complications such as infection or poor wound healing. After the surgery some patients will be placed on a liquid diet. Most of them are told to get back to normal diet after 1 or 2 days. In many cases where the diet is restricted it is because the appetite may be poor and the effect of anesthesia on intestinal function can last a few days. Moreover you do not need to worry as the  bowel movement becomes okay after  2 to 3 days following surgery.

 We are one of the Best Hospital In Delhi treating patients with Minimal invasive Hip and Knee surgery and have helped them achieve a full range of movements. We provide total Knee and Hip Replacement, Shoulder and Revision Arthroplasty regularly.