The latest technological tools and equipments have benefitted the mankind, however, the manufacturing industries, in return, have produced enough smoke and pollution causing a number of chest and lung diseases. A current survey reveals that the cases of chest-related disorders have increased in the last one decade. Chest infection, heart attack, unstable angina, heartburn, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and chronic Bronchitis are some of the major disorders causing chest pain and other chest-related problems. In medical terms, a pulmonologist deals with the diseases of human respiratory system.

In case you feel pain in your chest, make sure that you meet the Best Pulmonologist in Delhi. Below are given some common chest and lung disorders and their symptoms:

1.    Heart Attack Overview- This condition is categorized in medical emergencies. It needs urgent care. It occurs when a clot blocks the blood flow to heart and damages the heart muscles. Symptoms may include chest pain, shortness of breath, and a grey of blue tinge to the skin.

2.    Unstable Angina- Angina is a medical condition marked by a crushing pain in the chest. It happens due to inadequate blood supply to the heart muscle that deprives heart of oxygen.

3.    Heartburn- It’s a burning sensation that often occurs with a bitter taste in your mouth or throat. The symptoms of heartburn can get worse when you eat a large meal or when you are lying down.

4.    Pneumonia is an infection of lungs commonly caused by fungi, bacteria or viruses. The basic symptoms of pneumonia include chest pain, cough, fever, and difficulty breathing.

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