At Vimhans hospital, we provide treatment for the patients with severe destruction of the knee joint associated with progressive pain. Osteoarthritis is another most common reason for a knee replacement operation.   It is a degenerative joint disease which affects both the cartilage and the bone.  Physical therapy is an essential part of rehabilitation after total knee replacement. We are the best knee replacement hospital in Delhi.

 The Knee replacement procedure could be either a full knee replacement procedure or a partial knee replacement procedure. In case of total knee replacement procedure the surgeon repairs your knee joint by covering the thigh bone with a metal covering and encasing the shin bone with plastic.  depending upon the type of damage , the surgeon  may replace the undersurface of your kneecap with a plastic surface, in order to further reduce pain and provide a smoother functioning joint.

This procedure may ask for some removal of bone and cartilage.  In case of partial replacement procedure the surgeon will replace only the part of your knee that’s damaged or arthritic. The advantage to this approach is that it requires a smaller incision, involves less bone and blood loss and consequently, produces less pain.

 It is a normal tendency to feel scared, insecure, or angry about a brain tumor diagnosis, you can empower yourself to cope by taking this one step at a time. When most of the brain cells grow in the brain cells grow old or gets damaged new cells takes its place as a normal procedure but when these start building up extra cells, they often grow up as a brain tumor. These tumors could be malignant or brain tumors. We are the best hospital for brain tumor in India and have expertise in treating brain cancers of all types starting from grade I to grade IV.

The most common symptoms of brain tumor include headaches, nausea, changes in speech, mood personality, problems with memory, muscle jerking etc. When you are looking for Brain tumor surgery in Delhi, you can come to IBS hospital.

The most common cause of the joints replacement procedure is osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. There are several things that may contribute to joint, weakening and may ultimately lead to arthritis, including hereditary disorder, minor repetitive injuries and severe trauma to the joint cartilage. As per the joint that is affected and the amount of damage, patients may experience pain while walking, climbing stairs and doing other day to day activities. We provide the Best Joint Replacement Surgery in India at Vimhans Hospital and have a very high success rate.