Human beings are fragile. Our body consists of different organs that are present to perform various functions. The constant running of these organs will keep us healthy. The lifestyle that we lead is not correct and it is devoid of any physical exercise and there isn’t anything that we can do. The daily job that we do is to blame for everything. We don’t get any time to spend on our well being and that is where the problem lies. We come home after a tiring day of work and there is no energy left in us to devote it to exercise.

This lack of exercise is only going to hamper in the longer run. It may not have any immediate affects but there will be problems later on. Weight issues will arise which will bring other problems with it. Due to constant sitting in front of computers, there will be issues of joint and back. There are other diseases too that we are prone too. One thing is common in all of these diseases and it goes by the name of Pain. Pain is always constant no matter what the condition is. Right from a small headache to any chronic condition, pain is always there.

The month of September is related to pain awareness. It has been declared as pain awareness month. This month is dedicated to create awareness about pain and pain management. There are millions of people all over the world that are suffering from chronic pain and with the help of this initiative, Primamed super speciality hospitals constant try in understanding their difficulities and giving them all the help that they can.