We are a hospital which has been into health care for last three decades and we provide services in almost every range of the surgery.  We have one of finest talent to take care of multiple body disorders.  Our services include providing treatment for people suffering from bones and Joints disability, in case of internal medicine, in Pulmonology disease etc. We also have a richly developed lab facilities an Institute of radiology diagnostic and molecular imaging. We are located in South of Delhi and from the time of  our inception we are known for our best services the success rates which we have in various surgeries which we have performed till date.  

 Our services also aim to cure the disease before it enters into its chronic state. So we have the leading physicians and a range of health check up plans which are helpful to determine the earliest state of any disease which might affect the human health.  Our laboratory is of the highest quality which is open 24*7 for all kinds of test suggested for the patient. We believe in providing honest care and take special care on the safety norms for all the medical procedures performed. We have the world best neurosurgeons and we are the best super specialty hospital In Delhi.

 We have a special division which takes care of spinal injuries and all the cases where your spine called vertebrae, break and collapse.  This can happen due to trauma or injury, bad fall or a sudden accident.  There are even cases where the spinal fractures may be caused by simple movements like coughing or sneezing. In case your vertebrae have become weak and brittle from osteoporosis or cancer they are at a very high risk of getting fractured. There are many people who suffer from back problem like spinal fracture or vertebral compression fractures which is quite common today.  One of the Best spine surgery in Delhi  is carried out at our hospital and we have the best panel of doctors to deal with all such cases.