Our daily routine has become such, that we have the lost the track of time because are tangled up in work all the time. Our eating habits have no pattern. We tend to eat whatever we get or whatever we crave for. That is not only unhealthy for the body but also cause high cholesterol. And in turn what it brings with itself is brain stroke.

A brain stroke is a big thing but isn’t as rare as you might think. A deadly disease which is fatal doesn’t leave anyone, be it any age group or gender. You cannot sit back and think that brain stroke cannot touch you. That might be the biggest thing you might now. This stroke is one of the primary reason of deaths in India. In fact it is so common, that one in every 500 people suffer from brain stroke. And given the total population of our country, this number cannot be ignored.

To curb brain stroke, early recognition of the symptoms is very important. These symptoms should not be ignored at all as they will be crucial in the diagnosis. Symptoms of brain stroke may include weakness on one side of the body, sudden headache of high intensity, changes in hearing and speaking ability etc.. You may be suffering from brain stroke if you have high cholesterol and suffering from diabetes. Though there is no age bar set up, but it may be more frequent if you are above 55 years.

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