The Pulmonology & Respiratory Department at Vimhans Primamed hospital provides expert, family-centered care to children with chronic breathing disorders. There are various lung conditions and abnormalities and sleep-related breathing conditions. We treat children from newborn through adolescence through our department and specialized programs. We are committed to provide the best diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary diseases by focusing on the development of less invasive devices and procedures. We have the Best pulmonologist in Delhi.

Asthma triggers vary from one person to another and one must have his or her track record of asthma triggering facts. Some of the most common allergens which causes asthma includes dust mites, cockroach, molds, rodents etc. It is one of the most common and unpredictable respiratory disorder and can limit many aspects of your life from physical activity to work, school, and time spent with friends and family.

Indians also have a high asthma rate and about 5%-10% of these patients are diagnosed with severe asthma.  There are many irritants in air which can bring in asthma episodes like smoke from cigarettes, air pollution such as smog, ozone and others.  Even while exchanging strong emotions like anger, fear, excitement, yelling etc asthmatic condition will be affected.

Vimhans Primamed hospital is the Best Hospital in delhi  and offers the most advanced technological environment including the latest Computer Aided Navigation system for Knee and Hip Replacements. We have the world most renowned surgeon providing the Best Joint Replacement Surgery in India and maintain the quality which is at par with the best hospitals in the world. India has no parallels in healthcare when it comes to cost effective treatments in comparison with other countries

Vimhans Primamed hospital is also providing exceptional, compassionate and easy-to-access care to patients with neurological diseases and disorders. We care and help the family in caring for the patients. We do this by applying innovative and promising solutions, from surgery of the Brain and Spine. Most of our patients need medical non surgical and post-surgical solutions for their neurological issues. Today we are the Best neurology hospital in Delhi and our team comprises of team comprises of Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Neurophysiologist, etc.