The joint replacement procedure is highly effective in eliminating joint pain, correcting deformity and helping improve patient mobility. Joint replacement is generally suggested when all other treatment including physical therapy and medication is not working for the patient.

There are conditions which might lead to arthritis. Joint problem occurs when it is due to a hereditary cause, genetic problems, and repetitive injuries and may be severe trauma to the joint cartilage.  We provide the Best Joint Replacement Surgery In Delhi.

The artificial joint replacement procedure involves the usage of titanium, cobalt chrome, stainless steel, ceramic material, and polyethylene. The artificial joint could be attached to the bone with acrylic cement or it can be press-fit. The Joint replacement procedures could be due to tissue trauma i.e. muscles and tendons which are avoided or separated and not cut out.  In most of the case the stay in the hospital is for one to 2 days and in some cases the patients can go back in less than 24 hours.  Moreover, there is reduced blood loss and less need for pre surgery blood donation.

The three most common joint replacement surgeries are hip, knee, and shoulder. In case of hip replacement surgery, the surgery is done mainly for replacing the hip socket and the ball or head of the thigh bone.  In most of the cases, the surgeon helps you resurface the socket and ball where cartilage and bone have been lost, and then inserts an artificial ball and socket into healthy bone.

Any of the joint replacement procedure is recommended only when the person cannot bear the joint pain, and when the person can not perform activities of daily living as he has a damaged hip preventing him to do regular activities. We are the Best Hospital In Delhi for any joint related procedure.

When a patient is having end-stage arthritis, the knee replacement procedure could be recommended. In most of the cases when arthritis in the knee joint or joints has advanced to a certain point where it cannot be treated with medicine alone, knee replacement surgery may be recommended. We are one of the Best Knee Replacement Hospital In Delhi.