Our daily schedule doesn’t allow us to take part in any physical activities nowadays. That is the biggest drawback as far as human health is concerned. Lack of exercise not only brings laziness but it also brings a whole set of diseases with it. Sitting idle in front of a computer causes our neck and back to be stiff. That causes discomfort to us. This discomfort should not be taken for granted. It might just look like some normal pain that will go away in a few days but it can turn out to be Spondylitis. Primamed super speciality hospitals have a dedicated team to solve this problem.

Spondylitis is a condition in which inflammation of vertebrae occurs. It is one of the most common reasons for back and neck pain. The worst part about spondylitis is that the symptoms only occur when it has fully developed. Detection in early stages is very difficult. This point makes it even more potent. The flow of pain is downwards starting from neck and then covering shoulder and lower spine. This kind of pain is different from back pain as pain of spondylitis often occurs in morning after waking up from sleep or after standing up from rest.

To correct this issue, there are various specific exercises that will be suggested to you by your doctor. These exercises will target your posture. Medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will also be prescribed to you. And the final stage when every other thing doesn’t work is surgery. For spondylitis, the best and safest form of surgery is corrective spine surgery when your spines are in a severely bent position.

Vimhans primamed super speciality hospital has finely trained team of doctors to deal with surgeries related to spondylitis.