Total hip replacement procedure consists of replacing the worn out socket with a durable plastic or polyethylene cup with or without a metal titanium shell. In this procedure the femoral head is replaced with a chromium-cobalt alloy metal ball that is attached to a metal stem of titanium or chromium cobalt metal alloy. We have the Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Delhi at our hospital.


 We provide different methods to fasten the components implant to the bone during the hip replacement procedure. We are the Best Hospital in Delhi providing  cemented Total hip replacement procedure in which  the prosthesis is held in place by bone cement. In case of a non-cemented Total Hip replacement the fixation occurs as the bone grows on and into the implant surface.Individuals who have been tried medication and physical therapy for a long time and have not recovered from the severe pain can go for surgery. One week prior to the surgery the doctor tells to stop all the nutritional supplements.

One day before the surgery, there is very low fibre / low residue diet which is prescribed. The doctors do not allow the patient to have any solid food at the night. You have to take clear fluids only up to three hours before surgery. On arriving to the hospital you are not supposed to take any food or drink.

 On the day of the surgery you are only allowed to take water, apple cranberry and grape juice, black coffee or tea. We strictly tell the patient to avoid citrus juice, prune juice or juices with pulp.We suggest each patient during their stay to eat balanced, nutritious meals with adequate calories. The protein enables the body to replenish proteins depleted by surgery, and to reduce the risk of complications such as infection or poor wound healing.

 Post surgery some patients will be placed on a liquid diet. This will continue for 1 or 2 days, as the appetite may be poor and the effect of anesthesia on intestinal function can last a few days. After day 2 you can start eating only when you feel hungry to prevent nausea. Do not worry, if you are not having a having a bowel movement for 2 to 3 days following surgery is normal. We are the Best Hospital in India providing the most latest technology for hip replacement procedure.