Orthopedic Trauma is the branch of Orthopedics which deals with a comprehensive range of acute bone, joint, and soft-tissue injuries that occur following a traumatic incident, such as a vehicle accident or a sudden fall, this is different from chronic conditions, such as degenerative lower back pain or longterm back pain. Traumatic conditions can range from minor fractures and muscle sprains to serious or even life-threatening injuries.

The specialists of the Orthopedic Trauma Management team at Vimhans PrimaMed Hospital have the unique expertise and practice to treat these orthopedic injuries with successful outcomes.

The Orthopaedic trauma management services at Vimhans PrimaMed provide high quality of care to the most complex patients. Our Orthopaedic trauma surgeons specialize in the treatment of all types of

Fractures of legs, arms and around joints.
Reconstruction of the pelvis and hip.
Complex cases of limb lengthening or Deformity.
Complications as a result of fracture treated elsewhere with malunion, possibility for revision, infection of bone or implant failure can be managed with good results.

Our highly experienced and skilled physicians offer both inpatient and outpatient care to patients from all over the world. They are globally acknowledged for treating fractures and deformities as a result of a serious injury or failed surgery. Care for each and every patient is provided with the only goal of improving function and increasing quality of life.