Moles, warts, cysts and skin tags are skin growths that are commonly harmless but may look unsightly. Despite being completely harmless, they can become troublesome if they catch on clothing or jewelry, or you cut them while shaving. Moles and warts can be largely noticeable and situated in a prominent place, making you feel conscious about the way you look.

Several people chose to have them removed privately. Vimhans PrimaMed Institute of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is equipped with latest technologies, equipment, and a team of experienced cosmetic surgeons, which perform a number of invasive and non-invasive procedures.

Ideal Candidate

If you have a skin lesion such as a cyst, mole, wart or skin tag and like to remove it.
If you feel down the way you look and moles affects your self-confidence
if you are a person with positive outlook and realistic expectation
Individuals with good health

Mole and wart removal is a simple procedure which is commonly done under local anesthesia.


We at Vimhans PrimaMed understand the any medical procedure may become a cause of anxiety- no matter whether it is relatively straightforward one like this. This is why our world class medical staff will be there with you throughout the procedure.

The affected area of your skin will be numbed with local anesthesia before the doctor begins with the removal procedure. In case you are bothered about the procedure the doctor may give you oral sedative in order to make you relaxed.

The exact method and technique used depend on the size and location, but larger lesions and moles are commonly removed with a scalpel, the wound closed with stitches and later covered with a temporary dressing. Warts are usually frozen off with clod liquid nitrogen gas or destroyed primarily through a precision laser. When it comes to skin tags they are snipped off with surgical scissors.