We at Vimhans PrimaMed Institute of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery practice an in-built element of functional correction in order to improve your appearance. With our advanced and innovative techniques, we cruise from repairing a baby’s cleft to fixing a fractured face. With our state-of-the-art technologies, we have become one of the finest centers of excellence in the arena of aesthetic surgery.

Our aesthetic surgeries such as tummy tuck, breast reduction, eye lift, nose reshaping, facial implants, breast lift, breast reduction, facial implants, breast implants, hair restoration surgery, wrinkle fillers, brow lift, and buttock lift etc. enhances a person’s appearance.

We have an experienced team of cosmetic and plastic surgeons, top class infrastructure and a patient-centric ambience, ensuring high class medical attention and care. The Institute also provides medical tourists from all across the globe, excellent quality cosmetic treatment at affordable costs, with results comparable to those at the finest centers around the world.

Conditions and Treatments

We provide invasive as well as non-invasive treatment for a number of conditions. Some of the conditions we treat are:

Baldness: Baldness is also known as Androgenic Alopecia. It generally implies partial or complete lack of hair. Baldness is a component of the wider problems of hair thinning. The degree and pattern of baldness may vary to a larger extent. Its treatments include hair restoration surgery.

Gynecomastic: It refers to the abnormal development of male breasts. Swollen male breasts can cause emotional discomfort and impair confidence. They can be surgically treated.

Obesity and overweight: Excess body fat around the waist and tummy can cause functional problems and morbid ailments. Treatment for obesity includes Tummy Tuck or flattening of the abdomen by removing excess fat and/or skin.

Mastectomy: It is an otherwise surgical treatment for breast cancer where the whole breast is removed. The choice of this procedure is commonly based on different factors, including breast size, number of lesions, biological aggressiveness of the breast etc.

Nose Related Problems: It may be due to genes or accidents that sometimes the human nose tends to be de-shaped which results into breathing issues and distorted appearance. Treatment is Nose Reshaping or Rhinoplasty.

Facial Problems: It is a kind of isolated problem to do with one’s face or a combination of problems involving cheeks, eyelids, chin, lips, and jaws etc.