The PrimaMed Institute of Advanced Orthopaedics & Reconstructive Surgery holds an enthralling reputation of the leading bone and joint centers in India with a tremendous legacy of excellence and innovation. We provide you with comprehensive care for a number of Orthopaedic ailments such as hip, knee and joint problems. The institute holds the position of a pioneering bone and joint centre offering latest Orthopedic treatments and surgical advancements on par with the finest centers in the world.

We are equipped with an array of world-class specialties like Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Treatment. We ensure the highest level of patient care with professional expertise. With a remarkable team of qualified Orthopedicians trained at prominent centres worldwide. We are equipped with the latest technology in terms of operation theatres, equipment, recovery areas and physical therapy facilities.

Our Orthopedic surgery complexes encompass cutting edge equipment like operating microscope, computer navigation system, image intensifier, and latest generation of arthroscopy system etc. Under the impeccable supervision of our surgeons and physicians, we perform procedures, such as Arthroscopic or Key hole Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery, Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, Shoulder Replacement, Treatment of sports injuries, Trauma Management, Arthritis Management, and several others.

What we do:

The Institute of Advanced Orthopaedics & Reconstructive Surgery performs surgeries on the bone and joints by using latest Reconstructive techniques. Joint Replacements like knee replacements and hip resurfacing (unilateral, bilateral and revision replacements) are being done in huge numbers with best outcomes.

We put best precision and expertise while performing delicate hand microsurgeries and Shoulder surgeries.

We also provide one of the finest modern Sports medicine centres at all our facilities, where major and minor all kinds of sports injuries like damage to ligaments, tear of the meniscus, and cartilage can be cured and treated with arthroscopic surgery.

You can be assured for quick and complete recovery from bone and joint problems through the best efforts of prominent medical practitioners, trained in the finest centres in India and across the world.