We live our life to the fullest and for that we have to take certain steps so that our body remains healthy. This also means that we have to keep some of wishes in check because they may come in between our health. There are a lot of external factors that play a major role in keeping our body fit. No matter how much precautions we take, there are some things that are not in our hand. And when we look at today’s time, there are a lot of environmental factors that have come into play. The reason for this is because the air we breathe is contaminated. There are various reasons for this. Pollution is the foremost reason for this. There are a lot of harmful gases that are present which has not only affected humans but animals as well as plants are harmed by them. Increasing number of vehicles on the road means that there will be more gases released which in turn will hurt us. The most common problem that arises from all this is Allergy.

If we define allergy in a basic term, then it is called as a disruption to our immune system which is due to a foreign substance. In case of pollution and other harmful gases, respiratory allergies are caused. In these allergies, our body reacts in a negative manner because of airborne substances. This can cause trouble in breathing and also cause other diseases. These problems can start as a cold which is very common and can happen to anybody. But there can also be problems of sinusitis which makes it very difficult to breath. Rhinitis is another example of a serious respiratory disease. In rhinitis, there is inflammation caused by viruses, bacteria, etc. The mucus membrane inside the nose is affected by this condition. Symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, headache are observed. It can trouble us by causing redness in the eyes which results in water coming out.

To get rid of this problem or to keep away from it, there is medication provided in the form of prescribed drugs and steroid. At Vimhans Primamed Super Specialty, you will be given optimum and effective treatment of all your respiratory allergy problems. We have highly qualified doctors with us to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our care and when you leave our premise, there is nothing that troubles you further.