Movement of our body looks like just the work of legs on the outside. But it is much more than that. Bones and joints play a vital part in the movement. Similarly, spine also helps. Any injury to spine means that there will be difficulty in walking. Back pain is one of the most common types of pain related to spine. A surgery for spine is the last option when other methods fail in giving relief. Initially, drugs and steroids are given to ease the pain. Therapeutic massages or a regular visit to a chiropractor is also a way out. But when all of these methods fail to reduce pain, then surgery is the last option.

There are various different surgeries to correct spine pain. Some of them are —

1.       Discectomy — this surgery is related to the hernia. If there is any portion in the herniated disc that is giving issues, then discectomy is given. This surgery is a minimally invasive surgery. If pain from our body is spreading to different parts such as legs, arms, chest etc. then discectomy is helpful.

2.       Laminectomy — laminectomy includes the procedure of removing a small portion of the vertebral bone known as lamina. Numbness and muscle weakness are two main reasons for this surgery to take place.

3.       Lumbar puncture — fluid is removed from the area that is surrounded by spinal cord and brain. This method is done with the help of needles.

4.       Spinal fusion — spinal fusion is done to join two or more vertebrae in the spine. This procedure is carried out to eliminate any motion between them.

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