Science & technology has changed our life and given us a number of tools and equipments to help us in our endeavors. With a wide range of products available, even some gigantic tasks seem to come under the control. However, it has also led to the emergence of different problems. The first one is related to the leisurely behaviors of humans, i.e. lack of physical exercises, and the second one is pollution. Both of the problems have given rise to the disorders of human respiratory system.

A number of people around the globe can be seen facing the respiratory problems, such as asthma, pneumonia, and so forth. If you are the one suffering with the respiratory problems, you should visit the Best Doctor for Respiratory Medicine in Delhi. Respiratory symptoms are commonly the sign of lung or heart conditions, injury, or emotions. The symptoms of reparatory problems include difficulty breathing (dyspnea), rapid breathing (tachypnea), shallow breathing (hypopnea), deep breathing (hyperpnea), and absence of breathing (apnea).

When it comes to the berating problems they may occur in the conditions affecting the lungs alone or may be seen in association with generalized problems like infection or dehydration. Whereas COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma are the common causes of respiratory symptoms, pneumonia or acute bronchitis are the other causes. As we have already discusses air pollution and smoking are two commonest causes of respiratory problems.

Below is given some brief descriptions of the common respiratory diseases:

•    COPD- irritation of the lungs may result in asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.
•    Chronic Bronchitis- any kind of irritation that reaches to the bronchi and bronchioles will lead to an increased secretion of mucus.
•    Asthma- periodic constriction of the bronchioles and bronchi makes it difficult to breath.

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