Joint Replacement

I am a lawn tennis player by profession and had met with a Knee joint problem which kept worsening in last three months. Soon it was hard for me to walk and in last two weeks I was on bed. It was really quite frustrating for a sports player like me to sit back. Orthopedic experts at PrimaMed Hospitals recommended me to go for a knee replacement and said that this may be your ticket to a more active and healthy lifestyle. So after a detailed explanation of the surgery, I got convinced by the doctors to not to delay.

It feels great after my surgery & rehabilitative therapies, now I am able to enjoy my regular tennis play. Thanks to all the staff members and the doctors who made me stand again and play my favorite lawn tennis game again.

- Mr. Gurcharan Singh

Brain Tumor

I was suffering from continuous headache and fatigue. Through series of tests, I was diagnosed with Brain Tumor. The name itself was a frightening situation for me and my family. I approached PrimaMed through internet search and the International team of PrimaMed Hospital took full responsibility from there onwards. PrimaMed Specialist team finally decided for a brain surgery and the outcome was narrow escape because of the timely decision of a brain surgery as it was in its last stage. I couldn't remember what it felt like to be with pain, and other days when the pain was so distant.

Thanks to the PrimaMed team and their expert opinion which saved my life.

- Jakande Mose

Health Check Plans

With the help of Whole body check up available at PrimaMed Hospitals, my diabetic condition was diagnosed at a very early stage. Thanks for the supportive team of PrimaMed hospitals for quick check up and timely report.

-Mrs Ritu Bhandari

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